Winter is over

Hello September :). Winter is officially over! Not that it really feels like that at the moment, still some pretty cold mornings (for Sydney anyway :P).

It’s also officially 3 months until the Ironman and the day I have committed to starting this blog.

It means that training has to start getting more serious as I need to get the volume of work in consistently. For me, the part I dislike the most is the swim, so over the next few months this is a particular area I need to build upon.

So, to kick things off, below is an overview of last week’s training. Having been away a lot over July & August, I’ve finally been able to reach the number of hours I’d like to be able to hit consistently. I was supposed to add in another swim on Sunday but to be honest, had zero energy left by that point. Hoping to get to 3 swims next week…



Lesson of the week: Make sure you eat on the bike! Whilst 116km isn’t a huge distance to most triathletes, it was my furthest distance and a milestone for me. It was also pretty hilly and being in a big group with a few stops meant we were on the go for 5 hours. Normally I take one bar or piece of food with me, however taking advice from the others I packed some more this time. Whilst I didn’t really get particularly hungry, I forced myself to eat something every ~45 minutes and although I was pretty tired, I never hit a point where I couldn’t continue. There’s a lot of science into how much and how often you need to consume during endurance activities, but for me it was more a case of when I could grab something at the traffic lights! My snacks of choice were; 1 x Cliff bar, a massive handful of nuts & dates & some electrolytes in one bottle of water (the other bottle I just had plain water). The dates in particular were a lifesaver. Thinking of trying to make my own kind of date/nut energy bar to take in the future. If you have a recipe, I’d love to know!





AM Run session

12km – mix of hill work and a long slow jog to finish.

PM Gym

Strength session focusing on upper body and core exercises for the rally car


AM Bike interval session

Good warm up with some 60 second efforts, followed by 5 min intervals split into 3min hard, 1min harder, 1min harder.

PM Swim

1.8km with 20 x 50m efforts


PM Track session

4 x 800m efforts followed by a 3.2km tempo


Out at the race track. Good excuse to let the car do the hard work :)


AM Tempo run

1km tempo efforts

PM Ocean swim



AM Bike ride

Longest ride so far! 116km hilly ride + 8min run off the bike




11hours 42min

Training Stress Score: 868.9 (new record for me!)



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