Post Rally Reality

Post rally depression is a real thing. Coming off the back of weeks (and in our case for Rally South Australia 3 whole months) of anticipation and preparation, then adrenalin of the rally itself, is a big high to come down from.

The week of the rally I make my training a lot lighter and it’s really just about stretching the legs, feeling energised and keeping the stress levels down before the action starts.

So, coming back after the rally, I was pretty aware of the need to get the Ironman training back up to speed pretty quickly. I took the Monday off and dived straight back into it on Tuesday. However, by Friday I had never been so tired. I missed my Friday sessions and only got through half of what I wanted to do over the weekend. I had absolutely zero energy. I really didn’t appreciate the mental energy the rally took out of me and was feeling pretty annoyed at myself for cancelling sessions. I get pretty OCD about the colour coding on my Training Peaks schedule, which goes red when you miss sessions. I like to have everything green!

Coming down of the rally high, missing my training sessions, feeling like rubbish, oh yeah, what a top week…

I think the best thing that I did was still do some training over the weekend, even if it was at a lower intensity and less than planned. It felt pretty average too, but I felt better for doing it.

Doing something was equally important from a physical perspective as it was mentally to stay in the routine. The other good thing was knowing I had this blog, so I couldn’t take any more days to be lazy!

Also turns out it a few easy days was what I needed as I feel like I’m suddenly kicking lots of goals this week.

Full disclosure, here’s last week’s training:

blog pic

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  1. Just don’t bother about the missed sessions anymore, look ahead! A fully packed schedule will never be fulfilled to 100 %. 5 days of action with 2 rest days ain’t bad. Three times riding the bike, swimming twice (open water or indoor pool?), and 2,5 times running is a good mix. 7,5 h is a very okay volume to start with after a couple of days (how much? 10?) doing nothing. Just increase volume and intensity gradually over the next weeks. You don’t wanna overshoot and get some nasty injury… There’s still ten weeks or so to go till it counts!

  2. Thank you, great advice! As you say, you never get it right 100% of the time..

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