Despite your best intentions…

Consistency, with a bit of patience and common sense… That is what I learnt this week! The way the week panned out meant that I didn’t hit my targets. I’m becoming more and more OCD with my weekly totals, so the biggest issue is me getting annoyed at myself for the sake of a silly number at the end of the week. I just have to learn to get over that I suppose!!

On the plus side, this coming week is shaping up to be my biggest volume yet. It all averages out and general consistency seems to be the key, not worrying about every day going exactly as planned.

Wednesday night track session was 8 x 800m efforts which absolutely killed! But it was equally satisfying to be able to sustain more load. The plan is to keep building on these over the next few weeks.

On Friday, I (finally) made it to one of our club’s squad pool sessions. Wow, what a difference that made! Firstly, the time and distance went so much faster and secondly (and most importantly) having some proper coaching made a HUGE difference. Even in a 45-minute session I felt like I improved so much. I would even go so far as to say that I don’t ‘hate’ swimming anymore… Can’t recommend getting some swim coaching enough if you are like me and have no idea what you’re doing. Planning on making these a much more regular thing now.

Over the weekend I headed to Bathurst to watch the Supercars race. I decided to take my bike and get in a 60km solo ride. After doing my long rides with the great bunch at Moore Performance, I felt very slow and bored on my own. Well, aside from the magpie attack, that made things interesting…

So, here’s my week in detail below to keep me honest. Rather annoying to see a sub 10-hour week, so next week I have some more work to do…

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